1. Are the staff qualified and Police checked?

All staff and management committee are police checked.
All staff are qualified or working towards a qualification.

2. Are you ofsted registered?

Ofsted inspected annually and always pass successfully.

3. Do I have to pay a registration fee? Or retainer fee when I go away on holiday?

No additional fees are payable – We operate a ‘pay for what you use’ principle. However, we do charge for late collection of children after 6pm or canceling childcare without 24hrs notice.

4. What age do you take children from? And what are the different age stages at CKC?

Baby Unit 6wks to 2yrs
Early Years 2yrs to 4yrs
Kids Club 4yrs to 13yrs

5. What is the ratio of staff to children?

0-2yrs – 1 staff to 3 children
2-3yrs – 1 staff to 4 children
3yrs onwards 1 staff to 8 children

6. How many children can you take at any one time?

Baby Unit 12 places
Early Years 25 places (depending on age ratio of children)

Toddlers  22 places
Kids Club 48 places.
All together there are 107 places within CKC.
See fee structure for price list.

7. Do you provide meals?

Varied menus are available for all ages to promote healthy eating. Baby and Early Years are included within the price. However, Kids Club for a small additional charge, has the option available to them at breakfast, lunch or teatime.

8. What kind of activities do you make available for the children?

Each unit of the CKC has their own structure of play activities and learning time, the staff schedule the day to compliment this with free play.
See holiday program for examples of a typical day.

9. What are your opening times ? Do they change during holidays?

7.30am to 5.30pm – No change during holiday periods or term times.

10. What other Schools or Nursery’s do you collect from?

Eastlea Primary School, Northburn Primary School and Burnside Primary School.